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Screw design, screw construction, screw polishing, refurbishment and new manufacture of screws, worms and barrels, and other vital, round parts of the process environment
K.A.L. ProcesTeknik A/S are specialists in refurbishment and new manufacture of screws, worms and barrels, and other vital, round parts of the process environment. Also we have the expertise in screw design, screw construction, screw polishing. Optimal functionality of these vital parts is crucial to the volume and quality of the finished product.
The advantages are significant if the parts are refurbished in due time - and they can be measured both in time and money:

  • It is cheaper to refurbish than to buy new parts – and K.A.L. guarantees life time and functionality that equals new process parts. All refurbishments are made according to fixed prices
  • The time of delivery is shorter for refurbishment compared to new manufacture. K.A.L. guarantees delivery of all refurbishments within 2 weeks. Measurement, evaluation and feed-back is guaranteed within 24 hours after receipt of the equipment
  • Interruption of operations are minimised – worn-out parts lead to stops in operations and reduced quality. Refurbishment in due time keeps the operations at an uniform and constant high level
  • Energy costs are controlled. Worn-out process parts lead to higher energy consumption and thus increased costs
  • Less environmental impact – because refurbishment is recycling

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New manufacture
There is a limit to everything - this goes for refurbishment too. Therefore K.A.L. also offers new manufacture of screws, worms and barrels, and other vital, round process parts, in a new optimised design or according to specifications. This has been a natural extension of our business area in order to match the demands of our customers and to offer one single supplier within this area.

The parts can be delivered in all common types of metal with a subsequent matching hardening process or metal coating.  

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Satisfied customers guarantees high quality and service
We often ask for feed-back from our customers on all phases of our services – from response and delivery time to level of competence. And we are proud of the result. 99% of our customers are satisfied with K.A.L. as their supplier – more than 80% in the category "very satisfactory" and "highly satisfactory".
About K.A.L.
The company was established more than 30 years ago. The share capital is today wholly owned by Mogens Klüver whose background as engineer and Bachelor of Commerce, and many years of employment in the plastics industry makes him eminently suitable for maintaining and developing the company's technological capability.

The company owns the necessary state-of-the-art CNC-controlled and automatic production equipment to secure efficient performance and high-quality fulfilment of all services. The machinery is successively improved and renewed.

At K.A.L. we value our employees. Great efforts are made to maintain and develop our employees. The result is long standing contracts of employment, which are your guarantee of transfer and continuity in the assignments we solve.

Optimising of our customers' processes has our highest priority - and this is the bases of our creativity, persistance and customer service.

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Screw design, screw construction and screw polishing


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